Random rants and thoughts

For my pleasure, and sometimes yours

St. Sean the Amused
26 December 1976
a.k.a. Sean Blakey

Overexposed to massive quantities of several drugs, Sean enjoyed running around naked in Fremont during the 70s. Consistently testing at "genius" levels, he largely ignored the 80s in Poulsbo. At 14, he was selected for experimentation by the Developmental Psychology department of the University of Washington. After an engineered nervous breakdown and crime spree, he was hoodwinked into attending a Christian high school. Maintaining a "solid citizen" exterior, he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and went on to a brief Air Force ROTC non-career. He has since joined the ranks college drop-out career programmers.

Hates humans, but behavior is held relatively close to social norms due to Reasonable Fear of Prosecution.