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16 September 2011 @ 12:15 pm
My tweets  
  • Thu, 13:39: Took a lunch break, for the first time this week. Beer and sausage at @TheBravehorse
  • Thu, 17:55: Looks like @Trilliumgirl won't be able to join me in Australia, but I'll stick around for a couple extra days to poke around after work.
  • Thu, 19:59: Animal Man #1 was promising. Fits in the same works as Swamp Thing and John Constantine.
  • Thu, 20:04: "Ronald Ratan was a Hollywood Commie who grew government, raised taxes, and have amnesty to illegal immigrants." #DailyShow #fb
  • Thu, 20:10: Pretty restart for Batwoman, but I now HATE two-page spreads. Can the digital era kill them now, please? #tabletOptimizedComics
  • Thu, 20:17: Wow, Frankenstein was worse than I expected. Pathetic compared to the Seven Soldiers version, a bad HellBoy rip off.
  • Thu, 20:46: Superboy was enjoyable, with 2 complaints. I could learn to like this version, if they got a decent SF writer to vet the babble.
  • Thu, 21:28: I found the @RichardDawkins/@DaveMcKean "Magic of Reality" book on the free table at work. LOVING it.
  • Thu, 21:43: RT @seattlebeergirl: Elysian Night Owl pumpkin ale + cardamom chai cupcake = crazy delicious
  • Thu, 21:56: Suicide Squad it's proof that you can, and sometimes should, judge a book by the cover. #edit
  • Thu, 22:13: Spottify is laggy while I upload my library to GMusic and seed a few torrents.
  • Thu, 22:18: Cinnamon Irish Death cupcakes http://t.co/ZTxTMw2B
  • Fri, 09:54: Demon Knights #1: four adventurers meet in a tavern, and start a fight with a BARBARIAN HORDE. Next: DRAGONS!