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30 May 2011 @ 07:48 pm
Planning out loud  
Need to figure out:
* When to have dinner with Clayton
* When Kat and I will actually take those 4-hour "bar tending" classes

Tonight: Stay at home. Not doing the 8PM class at China Harbor tonight (but I should make a habit of doing that on Mondays).

Tomorrow: Catch up on work, since I've been OOTO far too freaking long. Probably stay late. Anybody who works in or near SLU want to meet up for dinner?

Wednesday: Probably make some PROGRESS on work projects. Try to get my "science fair" board together for the Amazon "Up the River" retreat. Little sister's thesis presentation at Sand Point. Pub Night @ Whisky Bar?

Thursday: Day of 1:1s. Try to apply some of the "coaching" workshop. Maybe dinner with Clayton? If not, may try to convince Kyna to go to the alt-tango Practica in Ballard.

Friday: Currently looks open for coding work. May even work from home, cafe, or someplace else relatively quiet.

Saturday: Kyna will be away at a skating workshop. My only responsibility is to cook dinner. Anybody want to do anything during the day?

Sunday: leave for "Up the River" 2-night retreat. Yes, I will be missing game again.

Friday, June 10th: Giselle at Pacific Northwest Ballet

Saturday, June 18th - Sunday, June 19th: Washington Brewers Festival. This is the big one, people! If you like beer or cider at all, you should come to this. Bring your kids! http://www.washingtonbeer.com/wa-brewers-fest/

Monday, June 20th: beers with Lauren, when she briefly visits Seattle.

Sunday, June 19th: looks like I'll finally make it to Game.

Sunday, June 26th: My half-birthday. Should I organise another pub-grub crawl?

Monday, July 4th: Should I host something again?

Saturday, July 9th: Summer Cider Day in Port Townsend?

July 19-25th: Comic Con!