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26 May 2011 @ 07:42 pm
My tweets  
  • Wed, 21:22: Pretty much skipping Seattle Beer Week this year. Maybe I'll take time off for SBW in 2012.
  • Wed, 21:38: For the record, flip is tasty. Need to make sure I have some ready to serve at the next alcohol-appropriate holiday party.
  • Wed, 22:13: "How could I NOT model it as a set of linear equations?"
  • Thu, 07:19: RT @ianmcall Oops, we did it again. @ladygaga's Born this Way album is @amazon Deal of the Day. Get it for $0.99 at http://amazon.com/deals
  • Thu, 13:04: RT @twitter: We're rolling out a new option for the "following" page: view Tweets from the accounts a user follows, as well as a list of ...
  • Thu, 13:07: According to my FIRO-B, i'm a cold, cold, power-hungry bastard who resents authority and petty rules. Shocking.
  • Thu, 13:10: RT @TechFlash: Shocker: Tech hub South Lake Union's big problem is energy http://bit.ly/jhWU0U
  • Thu, 17:30: .@Trilliumgirl Alt tango every Sunday at 9? Great!
  • Thu, 17:43: Oh, and apparently I have an "out of sight, out of mind" problem with affection. #fb #firo-b #MentorTraining
  • Thu, 17:50: Wifi tablet/netbook + android tethering = happy commute.