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04 July 2010 @ 11:57 am
Notes for today  

Bluberry Burgers
Strawberry ice cream
grilled pizza

Afternoon prep
Mix ice cream, store in freezer
set out pizza dough balls in covered bowls to rise
form hamburger patties with blueberries, for half the ground beef
Mix rosemary-garlic sauce for steaks
Prepare pizza toppings: slice and saute fennel, grate cheese, slice prosciutto, measure and chop rosemary and garlic
Prepare garlic for grill-roasting

After first people arrive
Apply more sunblock
Light grill, oil, let heat
Grill-roast some garlic to make garlic butter for corn
Season steaks, set out to warm up to room temperature
First pizza: fennel + prosciutto, olive oil, cheese
Scrape clean grill. Apply canola oil.
Second pizza: rosemary, garlic, olive oil, cheese (and prosciutto? Get vote from people present).
Scrape clean grill. Apply canola oil

After buns arrive:
Set out pickles, mustard, etc.
Cook some burgers. Toast buns. Scrape clean grill

After corn arrives:
Clean silk (optional), preserve husks, grill when grill is available

After asparagus arrives:
trim, peel as needed, coat in oil, grill when grill is available.

Grill timings:
pizza: 90-120 seconds
burger: 3 minutes, flip, 3-4 more, by requested doneness
chicken: ~3 minutes per side. Sauce will help.
corn: turn every 3-5 minutes, till all sides are brown, ~20 minutes total
asparagus: 1/4 turn every minute, ~5 minutes total