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14 April 2010 @ 09:05 pm
Beer week shortlist  
Working from this schedule. Even at a first pass, there's no way I'll be able to do all of this - I would die, then Kyna would kill me. These are just some of the "more likely" ones.

Thursday, May 13:
3:00 Beer o'clock at Quinn's. A good kick-off.
6:00 Cask-O-Rama at Beveredge Place. Just warming up.

Friday, May 14:
4:00 Sweet & Sour Nite at Duck Island. Tasty. If I miss this, must do the Sour Beer Fest the next week. This is the place next door to Beth's. Who wants to go along and split an omelet?

Saturday, May 15:
10:00 Kulture Freaks at Brouwer's. Might be a good show.

Sunday, May 16:
11:00 am Brett Brunch at Hudson Public House. Brunch.
7:00 Allagash Night at Whisky Bar. YES! Totally, definitely yes.

Monday, May 17:
6:30 New Belgium vs Old Belgium at Whisky Bar. Maybe.

Tuesday, May 18:
7:00 Tri-Can-Athon at Full Throttle Bottles. I love Monk's Blood. Willing to try the other things Erica considers to be good canned beers.

Wednesday, May 19:
6:00 Savor the Market. Must take Kyna. Mostly, for the good food from "market chefs".

Thursday, May 20:
3:00 Sour Beer Fest at Brouwer's. If I don't make it to the sour beer event at Duck Island.

Friday, May 21:
Bodacious Beverages at Beveridge Place Pub. Filler.

Saturday, May 22:
11:30 Pig Out at The Palace. Pig!
3:00 Eve of the Apple at Duck Island. Cider!
Lady Doomlithera on April 15th, 2010 04:23 am (UTC)
You should coordinate with Ben some, as he loves beer too. I'll likely be in India at the time, which, as much as it makes me sad, is probably a good thing.