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22 February 2010 @ 09:40 pm
Social networks  
Livejournal: It's been in a slow death spiral for years, but I bought myself a permanent membership way back when. Anything more than a couple sentences probably goes here. I get email alerts when any of my friends post, and come back here to check it out.

Reader: drink from the firehose, share articles with your friends, share comments on articles. 90% of what I want in a social network. Has become much more fun in the Buzz era.

Twitter: checked the most often, usually with a desktop client. Most of my "asymmetric follows" are via twitter, whenever possible (celebrities, companies, news feeds, people I don't know in real life). Will also follow people I know who have twitter accounts, but I miss a lot. Things not-worth-paragraphs get posted there, but I DO NOT cross-post from Twitter back to LJ. Actually porting feeds from Reader to Twitter wherever possible, because I have an obsession with reading EVERYTHING in Reader, but find missing a couple of hours worth of Twitter tolerable. If I can miss the occasional post, it belongs in Twitter.

Facebook: screw that. I set up other services to post to that write-only ghetto, but resent ever logging in. Will sometimes use for second-copies of event invites or partial albums just to get in touch with people that are Facebook-primary.

Buzz: Will check whenever I check gmail and see "new" buzz. Kind of nice as a more-social layer on Reader, but doesn't scale to the "asymmetric" ridiculously popular model as well as twitter, and most of my friends don't use it.

LinkedIn: I hardly ever log in.

Anything else: I probably have an account, and I might log in log enough to acknowledge your friend request.
Stan_Fwhitelinedancer on February 24th, 2010 01:51 am (UTC)
Great I can't say most of this better