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03 August 2008 @ 09:47 am
Fitness Update  

I forgot to take my pedometer with me to Comic-con, so I estimated the same amount of walking I did for Norwescon: ~18,000 steps/day. That's probably an underestimate.

I went on a hike with the Mountaineers, and really enjoyed it - except for one thing. I was really frustrated with how quickly I became winded going uphills, so I've started to take advantage of the staircases at work.

Pushups and crunches

70-some pushups and crunches a day, with a "set size" in the 30s. I did get an odd comment on the hike, with another hiker mentioning that I "obviously do some upper-body work".

Weight loss

Consistently below 205 at this point. The month's been kind of up-and-down, so I'm glad I set up this chart to remind myself of cumulative weight loss. Still-making progress.


With a few more data points, I'm even less worried.