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06 July 2008 @ 10:46 am
Fitness Update  
The rules:
1. Make achievable goals each week. Don't worry longer term than that - it just gets overwhelming
2. Measure consistently each day. Record weekly averages.
3. While achieving my weekly goals is great, this program is still a success whenever I am making tangible month-over-month progress.

I'm pretty much into maintenance mode on this, still making slight improvements (raising my goal on the order of 100 steps/day/week). The move to TCC will give me a bit more opportunity for walking in my daily commute.

The few times I've taken the bus to work in the morning, I've felt more "sluggish" all morning. Walking a few miles seems to get me into the right mindset for the day.

There were a couple "bad weeks" earlier this month where a couple days of telecommuting ruined my averages. I really need to get better about hiking on the weekends - I still have yet to use my "guest membership" to the Mountaineers.

I now have a firmly entrenched daily habit, getting a set of these exercises out of the way every morning, followed by an evening set or two. This is getting easier, with my default "set size" consistently over 25.

Sometime in the next week, I'll probably have my first weigh-in under 205 lbs.

I'm defaulting to smaller portions, more snacks, and bananas as a default snack. I've long known that I make poor dietary decisions when REALLY hungry, so the snacking seems to help with that. There's also the theory that frequently eating small portions trains the body to "use" food for immediate energy instead of long-term reserves - a theory that is becoming more plausible to me with personal anecdotal evidence.

Yes, I know BMI is crap (less so for me since I am a man of average height and fairly normal bone structure who is distinctly Not An Athlete), but it is worth noting that I have crossed from a BMI of 30.8 to 29.8 in the last two months. The NIH defines "obese" as anything over 30 (See also this map of nationwide obesity). I am now merely "overweight".

I've started recording basic pulse/blood pressure at each opportunity (visiting drug store, donating blood, etc.). This is not a daily measurement, but still...

  • June 18: Blood Pressure 146/75, Pulse 73. Had just walked downhill from PacMed to Rainier Valley Bartell's

  • June 29: Blood Pressure 134/88, Pulse 68. About to donate blood for first time in years.

This looks "prehypertensive" by U.S. standards. Since the top ways to reduce blood pressure are "weight loss" and "regular exercise", I'm not going to worry about this, but I'll just keep track, expecting my blood pressure to go down over the next several months.