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01 June 2008 @ 11:01 am
Fitness Update  

I hurt my foot at trilliumgrl's regionals, and took it easy for the following week.
Now that I'll be dropping horriblywrong's Scion game soon, that leaves more Saturdays free for day hikes. I've signed up for a free "guest" membership from the Mountaineers, and will try a couple of their hikes in the coming months.

Still making progress on this, and I'm consistently cranking out 20-ish in my first set of the day, and 15-ish for subsequent sets. I have transitioned from full "sit ups" to "crunches" for the obvious reasons.

For this number, I am weighing myself every morning before breakfast. My "weekly" weight that goes into this chart is the average of these weighings.
From a diet perspective, I've been doing more to shift HOW I eat than WHAT I eat - consuming a larger breakfast, slightly larger lunch, and a smaller portion for dinner. I've also been trying to make fruit my "default" snack for a while, and I think I've been sticking to that better this month than I have in previous months.