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09 May 2008 @ 09:18 pm
Traveling with a Discordian is not for the faint of heart  
  • Google Maps was wrong about the location of our Motel
  • Kyna cut her hand attempting to change wheels.
  • I tried to help, and in the process stripped out two bolts from her skates.
  • Fortunately, she had two spares
  • Even accounting for the wrong-starting-point problem, the google, yahoo, and Microsoft live directions from the motel to the rink were fracked to the point of uselessness
  • ...but I found a nice nature preserve to wander, near the rink
  • ...which Portlanders treat as an off-leash park, despite the prominent signs at every entrance. I counted 12 filthy free-roaming canines.
  • None of them touched me
  • Kyna was informed that the wheels on her skates ... and many other skates at this meet ... had just been banned by the national board for competition purposes. This sounds very fishy - I'll let her talk about it.
  • One of her teammates brought in his stock of wheels from other manufacturers, having heard of this last-minute stupidity.
  • I found really, really good itialian food near the rink, to help Kyna carb up for the weekend. Perfectly cooked pasta, quality sauces, local organic meats, fresh seafood, etc. etc. Easily worth twice the price.