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26 March 2008 @ 10:01 pm
Norwescon wrap-up  
Thursday: Parking situation much improved over last year. Ridiculously long line to check in to hotel. Unlike some of my less-fortunate friends, my room was actually ready on time.
At Kyna's prompting, this was the first year that I pre-reged. The pre-reg line was longest, but it moved quickly. Attended a few relaxing panels that weren't too crowded. Dinner with friends as they waited for the hotel to finish preparing their rooms.

Crap-all for television programming, but DJ E.D. did an amazing job with the dance. Kyna and I danced a little on the populated-but-not-too-crowded dance floor.

The annual "adult panel for authors" - "The answer is No, because you'll die" was fun, but (as expected) had very few authors. I've never attended the "standard" adult panels at con - the ones that happen EVERY YEAR - but these "other" adult panels seem to always be overpopulated - they really should be scheduled into larger rooms (this panel was in Cascade 8, and PACKED).

Friday: A few more panels, with increasing attendance. Master Payne's magic show - fantastic, except for the flea circus. Hung out with friends. Game Master's Workshop was very well done, and ended with a toast to Gary Gygax.

Friday evening, I started running into panels that were crowded beyond capacity before I arrived - all in the extra-small Cascade 8! History of Torture, Banality of Evil - these panels really should have been placed in better rooms. How are room assignments decided?

Kyna brought thai food. Good thai food. There was a little dancing, then off to parties. IBT had a good atmosphere, where I started getting sloshed. I wandered off as Julez was getting into the poker game of poor choices, and finished getting sloshed at the far-too-crowded megaparty at the End of the Universe (crowding was manageable outdoors, but indoors was insane).

Saturday: Despite Drinking Too Much, I was awake early enough to attend the Numerology panel, which the only panelist who bothered to attend promptly hijacked into a free-floating discussion of any woojy topic that wandered into her addled excuse for a brain.

SF&F to subvert your niece and nephew was a fantastic panel. I hope it is recurring; I need to attend it every year. Girl Genius Radio Show was, as always, made out of fun. Then, we did the Crazy 88s thing, then I wandered off for a much-needed recuperative nap.

Steam Punk fusion was ridiculously, horrifyingly overcrowded. By the time I arrived, the room was filled, standing-room only, and there were another 50 people obviously wanting in.

Kyna and Julez were in the IBT slave auction, so I mostly wandered around for Saturday night, without getting anywhere near as lit. End of the Universe was even more overcrowded, and started turning people away. I started hearing stories of cops cracking down on the "party wing", which Kyna confirmed in the morning.

Sunday: Pacifying the Gaming Widow - amazing panel, gave me even more reason to feel superior. Then we left, to get REAL FOOD at Alki Bakery.

Roses: DJ E.D. Improved parking. The joys of pre-reg. A few particularly good panels. Crazy 88s.

Onions: Overcrowded panels scheduled into tiny rooms. The joke of a so-called "party" wing. Crazy crowding at the megaparty. MC 300Baud needs to be put out of our collective misery. Hospitality (I normally drop a $20 in the Hospitality donation jar on Thursday and snack all weekend. The food selection this year was so fantastically poor, they didn't get a dollar)
Janetpookagirl on March 27th, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC)
Yeah, what was up with Hospitality? I mean, people have always made jokes about it, but this year it was awful! The best luck I had the few times I stopped by there was Saturday morning, when I managed to find two things I wanted: hot water and a quarter of a muffin. It was my most successful trip the entire weekend.

The day before there was a veggie platter with broccoli and cauliflower, but I didn't get to indulge because it was blocked by a dude who was handing out candy and talking to anyone who wandered nearby. WTF? Did someone hand them $50 bucks and say "feed 2000 people with this"?
rufus xavier sarsaparillaverysmallcat on March 30th, 2008 08:31 pm (UTC)
"MC 300Baud needs to be put out of our collective misery."

just for that, i think i'll make sure i dj all three dances next year.
(Anonymous) on May 28th, 2008 11:30 pm (UTC)
So what was wrong with the Flea Circus?
St. Sean the Amusedseanb on May 29th, 2008 12:09 am (UTC)
Too transparent, no confounding finale
Normally, Master Payne strikes a good balance between stage magic that is easily understood by the careful observer (even if he demonstrates fantastic skill in the process) and magic that is the next tear up - sufficient to Wow highly jaded audiences members that have dabbled in stage magic.

The flea circus was ... gimmicky. Blatant, obvious gimmicks that do very little to show any skill or art. The only entertainment value from the flea circus portion was the patter - always good, but I was hoping for a magic show.