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26 March 2008 @ 08:03 pm
Unexpected kindness  
I started feeling sick last night. At first I thought it might be something I ate, but I think triliumgrl's been vindicated.

Between that and her fantastic blanket-stealing-foo (at one point, she uncovered my feet and knees with a single tug), I had a crap night. When my body rejected the very thought of yogurt for breakfast, I decided to work from home today.

Managed to catch up on my email, polish a tasking document, send some advice to my mentee, and smack some spammers before I realized that the work-issued laptop was running low on charge - and my charger for that computer is missing. Since grymor sometimes uses my charger on game nights, I sent him an email to asked him about it. I managed to do a little more work via webmail and outside-the-firewall research, but thought that I was done with my real work for the day.

Steve took the opportunity to ride metro out here and give me back my charger. I gave him a Cadbury caramel egg for his trouble.