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06 February 2008 @ 08:07 pm
A little relaxation, a little planning  
The CPH tourist cards give us 72 hours of free transit and free admission to many museums and sights; right now, we are planning on using them Thursday-Friday-Saturday, and building a list of 9-12 things to do those days.

I've been walking Kyna's legs off, and now she has a sore ankle. Yesterday, we made it up the Round Tower and prowled around that end of Indre By for a little while. We saw what looked like a Royal marching band at one point; later I found a mention that the noontime "changing of the guard" usually involves marching the band through part of the city.

Based on a recommendation that a certain Thai place on Stroget is "less authentic than the shops along Istedgade and "won't burn your mouth off", we set off to explore Istedgade last night for decent Thai food. We half succeeded (my curry would have been 3-star back home, but her Phad Thai was nearly flavorless). She had a HUGE thai ice tea, and I settled for a Tuborg Classic. I will really have to map out my list of local brewpubs...

Today's big event involved walking up to Assistens Cemetary, which had much better landscaping than I saw anywhere in the necropolis of Colma. Lovely trees, walls, avenues, and benches. On the way back, we stopped at a random bakery and had snacks along the canal.

Tonight's dinner was provided by local grocery stores. I had to try one of the beef capaccio kits, and we found the cider shelf. Yum and yum.

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