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18 December 2007 @ 08:04 am
New Year's Eve  
So, I've been talking with a few people about a plan for New Years' Eve. Here's the plan.

My house. 7ish - late. If anybody spends the night, we'll get breakfast at some point.

pullthestars is coordinating food. We're looking at having more buffet-potluck style food, and probably a bit less emphasis on "pouring drinks until you fall down" as we've had in previous years. Of course, we still have the massive, ridiculous pile of booze from previous parties, and I will gladly spend most of the evening mixing cocktails for other people (and myself).

fireballof3 has offered to bring his Xbox 360 and set up Rock Band in my den, to provide entertainment. Conversations should still be possible in the living room and kitchen, where the food will be.

Crash space can be provided.