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11 June 2007 @ 04:18 pm
Yes, I'm getting older.  
I am pleased at the thought of paying down the mortgage, or making a Lasting Improvement to the house. I pay somebody else to mow the lawn, and I rarely find more than one or two new bands to listen to each year.

Current house project: building a planter-trellis to provide some vine-based shade on the den, which should help keep it a degree or two cooler each August. I'm also considering some sort of exhaust fan for the attic room over the den. Of course, my real dream is to have some structure with a proper ofuro big enough for a few friends...

My parents are apparently moving down to a condo in the Burien/SeaTac area. I probably have some miscellaneouses to clear out of their house.

Last weekend: Pacific Northwest ballet (meh), party at Tabarah Ranch (whee! ahchoo!), carpentry (more later), checking the crawl-space(uck) and trying to chase out a persistent pest(grrrr).

Next weekend: Continued carpentry, fireballof3's birthday at the Elysian and Mercury.