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11 May 2007 @ 10:05 am
Most boring math class ever.  
I was actually looking forward to this class. It's a graduation requirement, a 400-level math class covering the same material I've already visited in Computer Science classes. I was hoping that we would be going over the same ideas in more depth.

Unfortunately, we're just reviewing the same things much more slowly, without the assumption that students can implement these algorithms to get a feel for HOW they work. Every minute of lecture has been a waste of my time. It might have some value to the pure math types that haven't done any Comp Sci courses, but it's been redundant for my "interdisciplinary" major. The second half of the quarter may be slightly more interesting; the lecture notes packet hints at a couple ideas that are new to me.

Today's the mid-term. I checked out a book on Bayesian statistics from the company library to read on the way back to work - mostly because I feel like I'm not learning enough math this spring.