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02 February 2007 @ 12:54 pm
Science Fiction Short Film Festival  


pullthestars and I are going. Anybody else?
Turning the Schmaltz up to 11pullthestars on February 2nd, 2007 10:54 pm (UTC)
crap. CRAP. that's what I get for not putting it on my calendar at the time. So this is completely sold out at this point? No chance of getting another ticket?
St. Sean the Amusedseanb on February 3rd, 2007 12:20 am (UTC)
Remember, I pre-ordered a ticket for you.

It doesn't look like it's sold out, yet. If you want to being somebody along, try the website.
Turning the Schmaltz up to 11: taking you seriouslypullthestars on February 3rd, 2007 01:44 am (UTC)
for some reason I had thought that it was sold out. Thankfully, it is not, and thusly a 2nd ticket has been purchased. :)
Sordidatussordidatus on February 3rd, 2007 12:42 am (UTC)
Wish I could go.
Even if the cash wasn't an issue.
I already made plans for that day.
Too bad really because it looks like fun.
And I would like to meet pullthestars
Next time.
Turning the Schmaltz up to 11pullthestars on February 3rd, 2007 01:45 am (UTC)
you've met me before, hon, at Jeff & Jen's old place in Des Moines... :)