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02 November 2006 @ 12:08 pm
So, the first D&D game I've tried to run since Junior High is wrapping up, after a little over two years. The current estimate is two or three more sessions, which might take us into mid-December. There doesn't seem to be a consensus yet which potential game is going to be "taking over the slot". I've learned a lot, and I think the next time I run a game I'll be able to do it with a bit more feel, and a lot less "roll for initiative".

I have a few other projects going on that can use some of the time I've been shunting into "preparing game", and I've ordered myself a copy of the latest Final Fantasy game. I'll also be taking a class at the U again this fall, so that will eat a few more hours out of my week come New Years'.

I'm starting to notice the side effects of walking to work and eating better; my legs are regrowing muscles and regaining definition, and my waistline is starting to shrink. I'm definitely to the "I must wear a belt" stage, and am pretty close to the "I need new pants" stage.

Kyna and I are still doing the tango thing. It's hard, and sometimes it's hard to get motivated - especially when she doesn't have quite enough energy and enthusiasm to push me into going out. Still, it's getting a little less overwhelming, and is more fun than I expected. There is a vague worry in the back of my head that I won't have enough time for Tango once I start going to school again, but that sounds a little silly when Kyna makes it work with her work, skating, and ballet schedules.