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11 September 2006 @ 11:49 am
  • Friday: Went over to theda and balzacq's house to watch Laura. Good fun. Plan on going back to watch Stir of Echoes this coming Friday
  • Saturday: Paid bills. Tidies house. Made some effort to organize my office. Contemplated horrible, bloody mayhem for the characters in my game. Took a nap. Watched much Carnivale
  • Sunday: Family get-together. Niece and nephew ran amok, as expected, but seem to be slightly better behaved. Grandmother is worryingly decrepit, and past ready for a nursing home. We reviewed her box of family pictures, which she was trying to get labeled and dispersed to various family members. Brought a cake from Borracchini's, for extra yum. Everybody seemed to like it, so we shouldn't have to suffer with Sam's Club "cake" ever again.
  • Playing around with askville. Not sure how useful this will ever be, but it has provided a few decent opportunities to practice my search-fu.
  • Reading Cthulhu Mythos short stories right before going to sleep helps in the development of vivid, memorable dreams. I highly recommend the practice.