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29 June 2006 @ 07:06 am
Morning news and links and stuff  
Project Starfire A high-powered laser used to calibrate telescopes. By the way, it might also be useful as "an anti-satellite weapon".

Google Checkout. Honestly, this looks more like Yahoo Wallet or MSN passport than PayPal. Initial list of vendors is Jockey, Starbucks Store, Levi's, Dockers, Buy.com, Timberland, Zales, and others.

Virgin France sued for "priacy" of Madonna song

Interactive map: urban growth from so_very_doomed.

thezzyx pointed out that Doctor Who "season 2" starts on CBC October 9th. Long enough to change cable/satellite providers if you don't get CBC, and get your grubby little hands on season one DVDs.

http://upto11.net gathered praise from comments in jwz's journal as a way to find new music.

An Alternate Means of Propultion. Bruce Tate, the Java apostate, argues that instead of looking for incremental improvements to the development process, you should look for multipliers.