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10 June 2006 @ 04:45 pm
Back home. Whee.  
Flew in last night, came home long enough to change clothes, then we went to the ballet. By the last piece, Kyna had to keep pinching me to stay awake - jet lag and sleep deprivation were conspiring against me, and enjoying balet already takes a lot more work for me than it does for Kyna.

After that, we made a token effort to swing by the Vogue to see a few friends, but after circling around looking for parking about 20 minutes, we decided to just go home. Surprisingly, the clubbing portion of capitol hill had little parking available late on Friday night, and we were reluctant to pay for parking twice in the same evening. One of those quirks that we both hit simultaneously without discussion.

We're talking about taking the tuesday evening tango I classes at the Century Ballroom July 11-8/1. 6:30-7:30 and $45 for four weeks, if anybody else is interested.

Today, we picked up Kyna's new glasses, stopped by to drop of some orange blossom honey at my parents' house, had some baked goods in Ballard, and picked up some sausage from the CasCioppo Brothers meat market (yum). Now, she's napping and I'm prepping for my game tomorrow.

I think I've figured out all of the reprecussions of the last game. I sometimes get the feeling that I've painted myself into a corner - there's enough going on behind the scenes as consequences of PC actions that it's hard for me to keep track of it all, but most of it isn't apparent to the PCs. NPCs lie to them all the time, show up for undisclosed reasons of their own, then do things for reasons that have never been explained at all. If I was reading this game as a book, I would have thrown it into the recycle bin. I don't do a good job of spinning these hidden things out into mystery stories that the players or PCs want to explore, and my unveils feel like ham-fisted manifestations of deus ex machina. I find myself TELLING people what's going on, either in or out of game, instead of letting them DISCOVER. Each time I catch myself doing that, I feel like I've failed a little at running this game. I'll probably get better at this in time - everybody knows this is my first game since Jr. High silly hack-and-slash, and I haven't heard any criticism.

Of course, constructive criticism would be highly appreciated.

Pretty soon I'm going to switch this into an extended endgame mode, where the next six or seven months are spent tying up some of the plots that have been exposed or initiated. Of course, at least one of the plots is currently VERY difficult for me to resolve without making the opposition do something phenominally stupid. Finding the location of abducted NPCs that were previously given amulets of mind blank by the PCs is going to take a lot of hard work and creativity by the players - and that isn't even the big endgame plot.

Built out my character for the Monday game. I even figured out what equipment is charrying, then had to trim it back because there is only so much a weakling gnome wizard can carry without slowing down to ridiculously slow.
Lady Doomlithera on June 10th, 2006 10:43 pm (UTC)
If you want, there will be Stanley Cup hockey, beer and sausages here at 5. You're more than welcome to come over and see the insanity that will be my next project.
c_jydc_jyd on June 11th, 2006 06:52 pm (UTC)
Well, of course finding the NPCs will be phenomenally difficult. And yes, I know its a side-plot that kind of exploded out of the hook I tossed you - which I appreciate you mucking with so much.

Thankfully the characters, or the one following that thread, is obscenely determined.

Hopefully we can figure out how to tie that up so we can get on towards your end-game stuff.

Regardless of anything else, how complicated its gotten, how difficult, how much is going on behind the scenes, etc., its been fun. And really, that's always the first and foremost thing of a good game.

And no matter what, people in this group have a tendency to always appreciat ehte person willing to run. You're doing a good job at entertaining, and we'll figure out the plot stuff... eventually.