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31 May 2006 @ 08:55 pm
Went to the Seattle Ruby meeting last night  
  • I think I like the Red Line cafe. We should stop by there sometime before or after one of the movies at Pacific Place or the Meridian 16.
  • This crowd is notably younger than the Java group - I think the median age is about 10 years younger. More piercings and tattoos, too.
  • It was a larger crowd than most SeaJUG meetings I've been to, and I wasn't the only self-described newbie there. Old-timers commented that it was an unusually large turnout.
  • Free-form meeting with no set agenda. It worked.
  • About half the computers I saw were Macs. Most of the rest were running Linux.
  • I think I recognized some of the guys, but I'm not certain where from.
  • Quick little demonstrations of an obfuscating Ruby-to-C compiler. The presenter had to spend a little while fixing the most recent commit.
  • Writer of the YAML spec is in Washington for a little while; drove over from Port Townsend.
  • The guy sitting next to me was struggling with backing up his changes in DSL.
  • Next time, bring my laptop and something I'm hacking on.
  • Definite signs that this group has a) more vitality and b) less corporate support. Several people described themslves as coding "Java for work, Ruby for fun.