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17 May 2006 @ 08:21 pm
Wireless sucks. I have many handwritten notes, but can't be bothered to transcribe them.

I downloaded my homework from class and have been working on it in between sessions. Also, teaching myself Rails with a trivial application and playing with the fancy-schmancy Google Web Tookit. They only have binaries available for Windows and linux, but I have it mostly working on my Mac.

The male-female ratio was starting to feel stifling - boys are dumb. Phone calls with Kyna, Marci, and Kat helped. I may BE a guy, but I'm more comfortable interacting with women as peers than I am with most guys.

"Alumni" perks are nice. Lounge with snack food, free bottled water, sodas, comfy couches, pool table, and power outlets!

Remaining panels for tonight: "Best Practices with Generics and Other Java Platform 5.0 Language Features", "Object-Based Reports for Java Desktop Technology and the Java EE Platform", and "Developing with Java Technology on Mac OS X"