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16 May 2006 @ 10:06 am
Sun General Session: Making Java Work for You  

The band is still playing, waiting for EVERYBODY to stream in.

Sun is providing breakfast this year. Of course, it's a crap breakfast.

Cheesy "the power of Java" intro video.

Chief Researcher John Gage:

After rah-rah fluff, he gives a brief tutorial on Schedule Builder. You need registration # and the email you registered with.

Every session will have two lines, "prereg" and "overflow". What a mess.

If you can't find what you need in Schedule Builder, email robert.eckstein@sun.com Some sessions that were registered to "full" are already scheduled to repeat.

JavaOne session registration and attendance is being used as a massive poll to tell Sun what the developer community cares about.

At lunch, tables will be set up with signs like "wireless networking", "healthcare", etc. so that you can sit with people with common interests.

Discussion of how Brazilians have the right attitude about JavaOne - very friendly, squeeing every ounce of fun and informaiton out of this conference. "Nobody sleeps. Everybody's a Brazilian".

Jonothan Schwartz:
Sun Free Kit "Niagra box"? Where are the details?

Ed Zander of Motorola:
Rah rah fluff. "Mobile broadband is going to change the way we deliver applications and services" etc. Showing off nifty linux-java handsets not available in the United States. Blarg.

Jonothan Schwartz:
"Motorola alone, with 200,000 phones a year, outships the PC industry." Sun very much is following a "cellphones are the future", to the extent of ignoring palm, pocketpc, and UMPC in favor of cellphones.

Mark Shuttleworthof Ubuntu:
to announce Java embedded with linux distrobutions, server editions of ubuntu starting June 1.

Mark Fleury of JBoss:
Red Hat deal is supposed to close on March 31. JBoss is officially joining "the NetBeans community. No discussion what that REALLY means, beyond Mark getting an "I *> NetBeans" t-shirt.

Rich Green, Executive VP of Software for Sun:
Q. "Are you going to open-source Java?"
A. "I think it's at this point, not a question of whether, but a question of how, so we're going to go do this."

"Use NetBeans, a platform that you will ALWAYS be able to count on as the standard."

Jonothan passes off the show to Rich, leaves the stage.

Join SDN. Download fresh stuff from Sun.com. Participate in the JCP.

Spec has been approved for Java EE 5. Entire expert group brought onstage for rah-rahs.

Jeff Jackson, SVP of Java Enterprise Platforms and Developer Products from Sun:
JCP Survey:
* portable apps are valued
* commitment to future application development in Java
* preference for Java over other platforms

Java EE 5:
* Ease of Development
* Web 2.0 support
* .NET interoperability
* Simplified SOA


Jeet Kaul, Executive Director ofJava EE from Sun:
Demos a trivial blog server built on Java EE 5. Still has build-redeploy step, but annotations-based persistance mapping seems to be working nice. Nifty tricks with JSF and DHTML. Of course, this is all running on Nightly Builds.

Jeff Jackson:
Open-sourcing JMS and NetBeans Enterprise Pack.

Drag-and-drop tools for working with Google Maps, other web services in Sun Studio Creator. Sun Java EE blueprints using Dojo. PetStore, once again. A few JSF components.

Donating Studio Creator to NetBeans "soon".

Get the Java EE Blueprints http://java.sun.com/reference/blueprints
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