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03 May 2006 @ 02:10 pm
Amsterdam trip - Outline  
I'll fill this in, upload pictures, make links, detail comments, and repost later.
Monday, April 24: Bus. Plane. McGutbombs in Detroit. More plane.
Tuesday, April 25: The Miracle of French Efficiency. Miss the train. Ride standby. Stenches of Amsterdam. Eat Ramen.
Wednesday, April 26: Walk aimlessly, discover that Pancake Bakery not open for breakfast. Wonderful orange juice. Homo monument. Search for internet. Red Light district. Chinese Food.
Thursday, April 27: Museum. Much Rembrandt.
Friday, April 28: Boot shopping. Sex museum. Indonesian Feast. Hot dog.
Saturday, April 29: Queen's Day. Boozing with Kat and Holly. High-quality mixed drinks.
Sunday, April 30: Horticultural Gardens, Heineken Brewery
Monday, May 1: Our Lord in the Attic, Abraxis, Pancake Bakery

Some of these are probably shifted a day or two. Will try to straighten things out when I export pictures from my camera.