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27 March 2006 @ 02:31 pm
First day back at class  
It's been six years since I last took a University-level class. Some things never change.

Busses are never on time. The professor had trouble with the projector. The building which contains my classroom is undergoing heavy remodeling. Lecture slides are available on the class website. Slides will be posted the day BEFORE class. I'm not quite the oldest person in the class. ~20 students (mostly male), 2 T.A.s, 1 professor.

Grade will be based upon homework, projects, mid-term exam, final exam, and a 5% "participation" chunk. Attendance is only mandatory for the midterm and final, but it will be difficult to get that last 5% without attending; must be very active helping others on the mailing list. Grade is NOT on a curve, so no tangible benefit is to be had from sobotaging other students (the best part of CS143).

After class, I talked with the prof about my Amsterdam trip next month. It shouldn't be a problem, and won't coincide with the mid-term.

Read Chapter 1 for Wednesday.

I don't like the new-and-improved HUB. Somebody ripped out the cafeteria to create a food court with Pagliacci, Subway, etc. I used to be able to quickly grab a pork hum bow on my way to the bus, but that option has been optimized out of existence (or I couldn't find it in my limited spare time). Even at 10:26, every line had "many" people, and I had a 10:33 bus to catch. One more reason I should start packing my lunches.
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