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14 December 2005 @ 11:15 pm
King Kong  
SPOILER: The big ape dies.

Now that that's out of the way - wow. I still have the same vaugely out-of-breath I-need-a-cigarrette feeling I had after eating dinner at Brennan's. I expected Peter Jackson good, but this was surprising. After this, I actually believe WETA can pull off Neon Genesis Evangelion. This was a movie in three acts, each one wonderful in three different ways.

Act one was a cheesy action drama about filimng a cheesier action drama, which resulted in a finely crafted layer cake of cheese-whiz. Writer in a cage, old sailer stories, classic emberrassments, and a mystery island in the fog.

Yes, there is an island that sucks worse than the one where the Lost survivors are trapped. A more terriffic concentration of suckage than Ju-On. Peter Jackson has found the line between action and horror movies, walked up to the line, and did dirty, naughty things to said line. If you think too much, there are a few problems with the island, but this is a much better "dinasour island" movie than Jurrassic Park. Very, very brutal and fast-paced. Anybody prone to motion sickness or squemish about brutal monster combat or creepy-crawlies should probably avoid this.

Act III corresponded to most of my vague memories of the original King Kong - The Worst Idea Ever. More horriffic than I expected, and more touching. There was never really any doubt that Kong-in-New-York NEEDED to die, but Peter managed to make us care when he did.

I think that the Indiana Jones movies are probably a good barometer for this film - especially Temple of Doom. If you enjoyed them, you should love King Kong. If they were too scary, cheesy, or violent for you, you should probably stay far, far away.