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17 November 2005 @ 09:00 pm
One again, Microsoft is to blame  
The problem:
Intermittently, our application servers throw an error in the process of trying to query one of our database servers, reporting "connection reset by peer". We have a certain amount of error recovery to catch this sort of thing, but errors that need to be caught add stress to the system, and mysteries like this are not meant to be left unsolved.

The cause:
A known bug in Microsoft's JDBC driver causes it to sometimes return a database connection from the pool in a borked state, which will throw an error the first time you actually try to USE it.

Configure our connection pool software to test every connection returned from the pool with a simple SQL query such as "SELECT 1". If this query fails, the pool software will tell Microsoft's driver "That didn't work, you stupid git. Try again"

I keep finding more and more problems with their database driver. Has anybody tried jTDS?