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16 August 2005 @ 09:09 pm
SeaJUG notes  
Last session was the JavaOne recap.

Retroweaver will modify code written for 1.5 and make it work on older JVMs.

Roger Vaas of SSA, which operates container terminals at port facilities. Software for transaction activity: Terminal Operating System (TOS): GateVision manages the gates. client im c#.net compact framework, connects to Java Server.

Design goals: efficiency of ggate operations, host TOS, improve uptime and user experience for high continuity of smooth operation.

Due to design requirements, had to do rich client with native OS calls. Tibco EMS has an excellent .net JMS client in pure managed code. Licensing is per-client, while most others are per-server.

Basically a call center tool with streaming video of the caller (license plate and such).

Middle tier j2ee (jboss) with JMS. Ejb2 introduced message driven beans, many other standardized services. "I just got sick to death of DCOM. It was such a chore. The deployment was abusive..."

Mediate interaction with back end, host device-control JMX beans. Nicely decoupled from client apps.

Iqvision ethernet cameras. Apparently, there are no industrial grade IP cameras today.

Clients UDP broadcast, find response from bean which configures the direct connection.

Oracle AQ to JMS bridge. Allows stored procedures to publish messages. Messages from AQ can be pulled out via JDBC. Deep Oracle Magic.

Jboss has been very useful. Hibernate, JBossCache, clustering, hot deployment, can integrate other JMS, JMX model is handy, only pay for support is economical. Clusstering proxies allow you to define a cluster-wide singleton.

Chose Tibco over Jboss MQue mostly for the sake of integrated support on C, .net, others. Can do primitive serialization with J#, but anything created or changed sine java 1.1.4, so XML works much better. Microsoft object graphs - xml serialization - JAXB.

The frequent need to make custom containers works well with JBoss. Device control, messaging bridges, udp autodiscovery, special socket servers.

OCR functionality. Camera to server to db insert to trigger to JMS to client to prefilled form. Hibernate + jaxb + agreed upon xsd format.

Tried using XSDGen on .net side, xsdobject gen was more robust. Jaxb has been solid. Dennis, in this group, is the primary author of jaxb.

Goal of near-complete automation, with graceful degradation.

Going to be at T18 in Seattle, add Homeland Security features.

Experiment for future:va Swing app as a forms engine within a .net app.

Hang out at Celtic Bayou.

XMBean allows you to make a POJO into an MBean.
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