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05 August 2005 @ 07:55 am
Far too often  
Once again, I was the last one to leave the office. This made sense when I was coming in around 10 AM, but it seems a little strange now that I'm getting here about 7.

Wheee, stuff. trilliumgrl tries to make sure I don't work too late too often, with some degree of success. I'll sometimes get manic and work late on something I want to do or I believe NEEDS to be done. Fortunately for me, I draw a line: I'm reluctant put in stupid hours to make somebody else's commission or fulfill a stupid promise that somebody else made without consulting me.

Wheee. Enough talk about work.

Monday games seem to be dead right now. My game is this Sunday. Still need to email Matt and Rachel with more details.

We need more seating for the house, especially if there is any risk of ever hosting a party. A couch for the living room, and another futon frame for the game room, at minimum. I never would have suspected that it would be this difficult to find a non-ugly sofa. Sofa in living room will make curling-up-by-the-fire much easier, when that is seasonally appropriate.

Is anybody contemplating going to CascadiaCon? I'm considering it, but wish I could browse the programming grid before making a decision...