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15 July 2005 @ 12:47 pm
The line for this hall was insane. Easily over 10,000 people. Longer line than the JavaOne general sessions, for a smaller auditorium.

V for Vendetta: Wachowski Brothers, Natalie Protman, David Lloyd, Joel Silver, Mike Johnson.
Joel Silver says "we think the time is right for it."
Natalie says that V inspired her to look into other graphic novels, really enjoys working on movie adaptations from this kind of visual soure materiel.
Mike Johnson: "Society has actually become a lot more like the one that we painted."

I think I missed a V preview.

Corpse Bride based on a Hungarian folk taloe. Victorian tiems, very Nightmare Before Christmas style animation. Wanted a "hand made look" for this love story. Work to create puppets that could look like they were in love.

Shy, nervous man at victorian wedding rehearsal. Runs off into woods to practice. Accidentally proposes to the corpse of a woman who died waiting for her groom. Hilarity ensues. Movie clip tells backstory.

Fully articulated heads to be more expressive. 4 musical numbers, less musical than Nightmare. Digital still cameras make this much easier. 12-50 frames a day. In theatres September 23.

Harry Potter trailer just for ComicCon. Tri-Wizard tournament. Ball. Mad-Eye Moody. Dragon. Arrival of students from other schools. Seems to be no reference to Quidditch World Cup, other than one moving picture of Krum on a broom.

Hugh Jackman starts promoting X3, stops to much laughter, switches to promoting The Fountain.

The Fountain. 1500-2500 AD quest for immortality. Trailer made little sense, so I must see it. 10 minute clip of opening. 3 timelines.