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14 July 2005 @ 11:06 pm
Plans for Thursday.  
We just had dinner with animegothgrl and fireballof3. Waitress was a new girl, and there were a few mistakes between her and the kitchen, but nothing unforgivable.

Thanks to the lovely little fellow Treo geek, I now have a Firefly theme ring tone.

Friday (with some time conflicts):
Freak's Night Out ticket for Julez
Marvel: House of M
Warner Bros Presents
Teen Titans: 25th anniv.
Trailer Park
Spotlight on Jhonen Vasquez
Battlestar Galactica
WB Animation: The Batman and Justice League
DC: Crisis counseling
Henson 50th anniv. & MirrorMask
Sci Fi Friday Premiere

Somewhere in there I need to get a sacramental hot dog.