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28 June 2005 @ 10:41 pm
"Integrated Patient Scheduling System"  

Vidatis/Atech foundation. Possibly my most important Session here.

Universality, equity of access, integrality of care. 6000 hospitals, 19 million consultations per month. 22 people in Sao Paolo metro area.

Poor management of resources, duplication of information, lack of information at point of care.

Maximize us of standards, existing tools. Become the universal glue.

SIGA saude
regulating bodies
electronic health record.

Scheduling system with authentication rules into decision engine.

High perflrmance, availability. Strong security, very friendly UI. 1asy management for xode updating.

EJB and Struts. Brazilian Healthcare is STANDARDIZED on J2EE.

Xdoclet, anT, etc. For consistency, decision made to automate as much as possible. "capturing knowledge". Try to create a Session Bean for each use case.

Allows sophisticated on-line queries. Automatic notification of disease to Health Department and such. Data shared in a centralized system. Patient data follows patient to all hospitals, providers.

Extensive use of build-time code generation. Outgrew xdoclet, apt is faster.

Create Entity Bean, Session bean as POJOs with annotations, struts actions. All else generated.

1.5 million lines of code + 0.8 million generated lines. Did in 4 months.

Apt, ant, junit, maven, log4j, drools, tiles. Maven used to build documentation sites.

Problems: easy UI, government change, physician cooperation, budget, HR.

Thin client, integration, Single sign on, universal scheduling. Open source but only for "public sector."

Learning new skills increased self esteem of health professionals. Citizen empowerment. Efficient distrobution is the answer. Managers make ALL the difference. Training is KEY - use facilitators. Use cases must be created around process owners.

In progress: Metadata based UIs. Pluggable modules. Digital signatures under Brazilian PKI. Data mining. Telemedicine. Expand to nationwide.

Team of about 30 java developers working 80 hour weeks for 4 months.

Scheduling, authorization, patient tracking, electroni perscriptions.

Just got into an extended discussion with John Gage (chief researcher, Sun) about the "joys" of HL7 and ICD9. He asked for my contact info for further discussion. Next time, business cards!
Stupendous Manfarmalloc on June 29th, 2005 02:33 pm (UTC)
Sweet! John Gage is a stud.