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28 June 2005 @ 11:41 am
Rich Web Aplications with Java EE and AJAX  

Wow, this one is packed. Probably close to a thousand people in this room alone.

All based on XmlHttpRequest. Communication can be GET or POST with text/xml. Can process in background for threaded browsers.

Developing AJAX at the low-level is "not for the weak of heart".

Blueprints Solutions Catalog for NetBeans.

Their example uses an onkeyup handler instead of the google suggest-style timers.

Demo of an AJAX chat servlet with client-pull on 3-second intervals.

Possible to hook AJAX to Web Services, EJBs.

Do JavaScript and CSS rendering in a component. Hide developer from complexities.

Demo of interaction with JSF rendering framework as a JSF component Phase Listener

<ajaxTags:completionField size="40" id="cityField" completionMethod="#{ApplicationBean.completeCity}" value="#{Session.city}" autocomplete="off" /%gt;

Struts version: http://struts.sourceforge.net/ajaxtags/

May be used outside of JSF platform interface runtime. Must map JSF ids to HTML ids. JSF lifecycle events are not incurred.

Use separate JavaScript file wherever possible. Caching and easier debugging.

Problem with JavaScript debugging: The JavaScript usually works great in the browser with good JavaScript debugging (FireFox), but fails in the one with lame debugging (IE).

Standard JSF AJAX AUtoComplete component, Progress bar component.

AJAX tradeoffs:
JavaScript dependancy, difficult to debug and test, source in plain view, browser compatability, late-generation browsers needed.

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