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27 June 2005 @ 10:16 pm
Inside axis 2  

Kewl software, but 1.0 was too late. Developers learnes about web services as tthey were building axis 1. Axis2 is an attempt to "do it right."

Small, embeddable. Performant. Clean. Flexible. Extensibloe.

Message sent. Magic happens. Message reciver. Yay!

MessageContext a Property Bag.

AXIOM : XML parsing event pull object view. Very SOAP oriented. Allows DOM-like interaction without havin to parse full document. Like lazily-evaluated DOM.

Phases named containers on ExecutionChain with verified preconditions and postconditions.

Start and end of phases are useful cutpoints. Execution change can be modified per-instance in the message processing code.

Everything is stateless, with Contexts. Contexts will get a persistance framework.

Mostly implemented by grad students in Sri Lanka.

4 contexts, much like the 4 JSP contexts. Scoping system is extensible, new contexts can be added.

WSDL 2.0 with 1.1 compatibility. All metadata is done by extending WSDL. Support for various Message Exchange Patterns.

Aar file for servvices.
Mar file for modules.




modules are the common unit of SOAP extensibility, can be deployed globally or per-service.

Jax-rpc/ws support. REST(?), JMX, data binding.

Built with Maven. Hope for a release this fall.