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26 June 2005 @ 11:22 am
More JavaUniversity: Developing Applications for the J2EE platform  

A lot of people seem to be confused about remove and ejbRemove methods. Grafting cleanup code into Java is always clunky.

Why on earth would anybody create a "pool" of "Stateless Session Beans" instead of thread-safe top-level functions? Apparently, even Stateless session beans are only accessed by one client at a time, and there is a mentality in the Enterprise Group that static methods are Not Purely Object Oriented, and therefore Bad. Thus, all of this obscenely complex hackery (and stupid memory requirements) to implement a thread-safe service-oriented architecture.

Kat just called; I'll call her back after this session.

Don't need to pass properties to new InitialContext() any more. Don't need to narrow() local EJBs.

He keeps mentioning HADB (High-Availability DataBase) as a non-standard component that dramatically improves J2EE performance and that Sun is pushing to get into the next set of standards. Seems to be a seperate database specifically for storing HTTP Sessions and Session Beans. Worth looking into in more detail.

"If the Data Access code runs into database trouble, it throws an SQLException, which the Bean converts into an EJBException, and then the container turns that into a RemoteException." Ugh.
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