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28 January 2004 @ 04:24 pm
That's it  
Handled post-drama fallout at work today. Somehow the VP of Sales (and his Dad, the CEO) got the impression that he was going to be taking over the development side of things. Disabusing them of this notion, and making it clear that they are NOT welcome at our weekly technical meeting, took some work.

Major technical problem smacked me upside the head and became PRIORITY NUMBER ONE right as I was having an ugly conversation with a close friend, that just kept spiraling uglier (It started going bad with the phrase "do you think I'm self-absorbed"? Not that I think there IS a right answer, but I'm pretty sure I answered wrong). GREAT timing. Fixed the tech problem, hope it wasn't at the cost of the friendship. Now the servers are happy and quiet, friend decided to take a nap.

Making up specs for my next few weeks of project. If somebody just regurgitates my project notes back to me, does that count as "project management"? I guess I'll just have to train her how to write something useful for me.

I've only been here a little over six hours. Haven't killed anybody yet, but I feel like I'm DONE. Can I go home now?