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02 October 2003 @ 01:03 pm
Weekend plan  
Thursday: Work. Call Kat. Maybe pick up Kat from work. Shop for new monitor, birthday present for my Dad. Grade papers for Cody. Figure out place for dinner Saturday. Hook up new monitor at home and configure computer. Finish laundry and tidy room.
Friday: Work early. Staff meeting at 10:00 AM. Lunch at Crossroads - shop for birthday card for my Dad. Call sister in evening (about 7?), sleep early.
Saturday: Our software rollout will begin at 2 AM; fortunately I am not needed for the first two hours or so. Work until 10AM-2PM, ending whenever we are satisfied with the rollout (or finish rollback). Nap. Dinner with Kyna.
Sunday: Birthday party for father, grandmother. Tenative start time at 1:30. Game in evening, but I may be late for that.
Monday: I'm tempted to take Monday off as "comp time".