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08 September 2003 @ 10:55 am
Friday: Went to see Eddie Izzard with horriblywrong and lithera. Very funny, well worth the $20 for nosebleed seats on remarkable uncomfortable chairs. Very hot in the Moore, but quite enjoyable. Went out to Minnie's afterward. It was a good evening.

Saturday: Cleaning, Ikea, assembly, and relaxing. I found a new desk that I liked; I now have packing material all over my room. My copy of Escaflowne was well worth the $35.

Sunday: Met trilliumgrl at airport. She was surprised to see a pack of friends waiting there to meet her when her flight was late. She also seemed surprised when grymor, horriblywrong and I helped her with her luggage, unasked. It was good to see her. Went to game, had fun. Frolicked in the rain.

Monday: came in to work to find a "get thee to a therapist" message from one of my closest friends. Stung more than I would have expected, probably more than she intended. Contemplating the potential validity of this advice as I try to get back into the groove at work.