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04 August 2003 @ 01:42 pm
Catching up on the interview meme  
From warpdragon

Why are you a Mac person?
I'm not; I'm a Unix person. To quote the relevant Geek Code Entry: "Macs do more than suck. They make a user stupid by allowing them to use the system without knowing what they are doing. Mac weenies have lower IQs than the fuzz in my navel." Still, it's better than Windows. I view OS X as a unix with a nice GUI, and a commercially-available Unix that I can get pre-installed on a quality laptop for less than $2000. I just got tired of buying Windows laptops only to wipe the OS and cludge through an install after I got home, fighting with getting the exotic and proprietary hardware.

What about living with roommates has been different than what you expected/envisioned?
Not much. I actually expected more friction between us. My expectations of "normal" were closer to our interaction on the weekend of the move.

Have you ever GMd? If so, what? If not, why not, and do you ever want to?
I ran a Santa's Soldier's playtest, once. I'm usually not particularly interested in taking center stage. I have a couple ideas that I might eventually want to put into a game, but I don't really have any driving urge to do so.

How long do you envision yourself in your current job?
Probably another two or three years, tops.

You get to spend as long as you want rummaging through the crates in Warehouse 23, but you can only leave with one item. What do you bring out?
A convenient Illuminati heirarchy diagram/Nyarlathotep summoning sigil placemat.

From trilliumgrl

Where's someplace you want to go that you haven't been and who do you want to take with you (if anyone)?
Surprisingly, I haven't been to Tokyo, but that may be too much of an easy answer. I'm kind of interested in exploring New Orleans. As much as I like travelling with Kat and Holly, they've already been there and I want to share the experience of it being a "new" place. Also, I probably wouldn't want to take a couple along or take half a couple, eliminating Kris. Most of my single friends probably wouldn't appreciatte it...

Hmm. You are actually probably the best person to take on this trip, trilliumgrrl. We can bring Kat along; if she's the only one that's been there before, she can give us needed guidance without raining on the "newness" too much.

What do you most desire that you doubt you'll be getting anytime soon (object may be material or otherwise)?
A good backrub.

Name something in your life that you would do differently, now that you are older (and supposedly) wiser.
This is difficult. I can't really point to any of the big things in my life and unequivocally say "That was a mistake; my life would be better if I could undo that." As much as some things hurt, I'm not sure I want to give up the lessons I've learned. Another easy answer is to say that I would have broken things off with Lisa much sooner, but then I probably would never have met Prairie, who indirectly led me to this group.

So, here's a minor one. The first time I was laid off, I found the idea of collecting unemployment repugnant, and chose not to file. I spent a long time eating away at my savings and piling up credit before I finally swallowed my pride. This resulted in a LOT of black marks on my credit record, and made a lot of things more difficult for a while.

(Because I'm a wench, a copycat, and I want to see someone else do it) Your task - reassign the positions of the Endless amongst your friends.
Wench. I'm not going to try dressing people up for Con; I'm going to assign portfolios based on who I can see doing the job (or not, as the case may be).
Despair - fixerbard. Despair is a wonderful fit for his style of goth.
Desire - As much as I consider quipper to be sexy, I don't think she's quite insidious enough for the way I view Desire. It should be somebody who delights in playing with somebody else's feelings. inevitability?
Destiny - horriblywrong could pull it off. Not a perfect fit, but it will do.
Delight - lithera. When she's really enjoying something - a movie, hockey, a comic book, whatever - she becomes such an outragously giddy fangirl that the enjoyment is contagious.
Delirium - sharkcowsheep. No contest.
Destruction - fireballof3. I could take the job, but as Kat pointed out, the difference is that Mike would walk away from it. I wouldn't.
Death - prairieflower. She often emanates that calm from just accepting everything, and she's good at telling people when they are being stupid.
Dream - Max. Shaping worlds of imagination suits him.

Is it better to be poor and happy or rich and just "eh"? Explain.
Personally, I'd rather be rich and happy.
Really, it comes down to your definition of "better". If we are maximizing happiness, this reduces to a self-resolving question 'Would you be happier being poor and happy or rich and just "eh"?'

From apestyle

Aside from completing your formal schooling, is there a goal that you'd like to achieve?
Eventually buy a home? I'm running on a lack of major goals at the moment.

So fuschia and chartreus aren't your colors, despite your sister's ministrations. If you could decorate your living space in any fashion you'd like, what would it look like?
Well, I liked the set from Thirteen Ghosts. Failing that --- clean lines, white constracting with dark wood colors. Basically, the color scheme of a Japanese Teahouse, with the same simplicity and emphasis on space.

In what way do people usually misunderstand you?
Well, if I knew that, I'd put more effort into correcting their misunderstandings. Unfortunately, most misunderstandings go unspoken. Some of my coworkers seem to think I should be a writer or a poet; I'm not sure where that comes from.

What about other people confuses you the most?
Not much, really. My low expectations have reached the point where I am rarely surprised. I guess I'm most confused when people start taking things personally that do not really reflect on them as a person ... the way people tend to attach emotional intensity to things that really don't deserve it.

What is your worst fear, and are you doing anything to address it?
I have a fear of needles. I confronted it by donating blood and getting tattoos.
I have a fear of hights. I flew a Cessna a couple times when I was in ROTC. For a while, my sister and I got into rock climbing.
I still have Issues with going to see a doctor for anything less than life-threatening....

From murphysraven

Do you believe it should be legal for people to choose when they die, and that their should be assistance available? Why ot why not?
Definitely. Personally, I believe that one of the worst ways to die is slowly rotting in a nursing home as my body and mind rebel against me.

What's the coolest phobia you've ever heard of? Why is it cool?
Phobophobia - the irrational fear of developing phobias. I love this for the self-referential paradoxical quality. By definition, anybody who duffers from it has something which they are afraid of contracting!

If you could manipulate what dna you passed on to your children (just assume you have them), what would you add or subtract?
I wouldn't subtract any of the allergies, I want them to be ostracized. I'd probably restructure the jaw so that wisdom teeth are either gone or not a problem. If I could wire in a 10% per generation boost in intelligence and creativity, I would; that would be enough to give my descendants a HUGE boost without divorcing them from the rest of humanity in any one generation. My children would just be smarter, my grandchildren would be superior, and my great-grandchildren would Rule the World!

Would you be happy surviving without any technology? or would you be lost?
Without ANY technology? I'd quickly die; tool use is the defining characteristic of humanity, and we sacrificed a lot of our competitiveness with other species to get it. We are Generalists, capable of thriving in any environment, if we have tools.
Without post-agricultural-revolution-technology, dropped in the middle of a forest with just a flint knife and what I can make, Lord of the Flies style? I think I'd have a small but non-zero chance of getting by. I'd probably be too focused on survival to ever ask myself if I was happy.
With Roman-era to Victorian-era technology, I could survive, although I doubt I would want to. I would have to train for another profession almost completely from scratch, since my only real skills that do not derive from the information age are derived from my Boy Scouts experience.
With only modern technology that does not require fuel or electricity, I could cope but the despair would only be tolerable as long as I believed we were working to rebuild. In that scenario, I would probably be slightly more useful than useless.
Would I be happy to be in any of these situation? No, but I would be able to cope with some of them.

When do you predict humans will colonate(sp?) other worlds? Assuming you believe they will.
Not this century, and probably not the next. The first few permanent colonies in our solar system will be tenuous steps, aborted as soon as political opinion dismesses them as boondoggles. Permanent colonies in space will require a tremendous and lasting change in popular opinion on the value of space exploration. I doubt the idealism of Exploration and Pure Science will be sufficient to provoke this kind of change.

Really, what is needed is a "Gold Rush", a lure of unquestionable value on some other world. When there is a market incentive for people to uproot their families and take them weeks or months from the rest of humanity. Alternatively, public perception of the value of exploration could be swayed by contact with another species, or by defense interests.

Basically, I think that we will never colonize other worlds, unless Something Unpredictable Happens. This makes me very sad for our species.