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01 August 2003 @ 03:01 pm
Yet more answers  
From lithera

What is the one technology that you think we should persue that we're not? (And this could be something from a specifc as mass drivers to as broad as genetics, for examples.)
Well, other than the space discussion we had the other day, I have a few ideas. I'd really like to see more work on molecular manufacturing, especially with Von Neuman style self-replicating hardware systems.

Ideal day?
I don't really have any one ideal day. I can think of a lot of good days, but they don't blend well into a single unfied day. Here goes...

Start the day off somewhere on the coast, between mid-fall and early-spring sounds nice. Spend most of the day Exploring; walking in the rainforest, poking around tidepools, or even rpowling around a city. Find someplace unusual for lunch, a New Experience that feels like a Discovery. Dressing UP for a nice dinner in the evening ... I like dressing up. Later in the evening, cuddle with Someone Special, maybe in a hot tub watching lightning play over the ocean waves.

You get to write a comic book that is already around for a year. Which do you pick and what do you do with it?
Um. Probably not a good idea. I wouldn't want to mess with one of the ones I actually LIKE, so I'd probably tackle one that I consider fundamentally flawed, and end it in a way that makes me happy. Here's a Superman idea, off the top of my head:
Put him in a situation that requires him to be actually heroic, truly sacrificing something of himself. I'd spend a few months on what seem to be side story arcs, stopping various villains from killing key figures. Eventually, these would lead back to the White House. Eventually, he finds evidence. He gives the information to Lois for an expose, so that the public could handle this in a legal manner. She is promptly assasinated, enraging Superman to the point that he publicly threatens Lex's life, about 10 issues into the 12-month arc. Jimmy Olsen blames Superman for putting Lois in harms way, and convinces Clark that Superman is responsible for her death. As Superman, he arranges a television broadcast, and starts presenting his evidence in the nation. Secret Service shows up, prepared with technology for this specific eventuality. As he is slowly destroyed, Superman shows the final piece of damning evidence to the American people.

Suddenly you have the magical ability to switch genders at will. Do you?
Assuming I can switch back and forth as many times as I want, yes. I'm all about new experiences, especially if they don't cause permanent harm. A large host of new experiences. Questions of identity wouldn't bother me much, male is what I am, but I don't think it defines who I am. With that ability, I may not stay as either one for more that a couple weeks at a time.

Wow, I might learn to understand some of my friends a lot better.