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28 May 2003 @ 01:46 pm
Proxy authentication  
Have I mentioned recently that I hate proxy servers? A few of our client sites have drconian sysadmins that require authenticating with the proxy server for outgoing HTTPS connections.

HTTPS is easy; it's supported with the JSSE extension in JDK 1.1-1.3, and in the core of JDK 1.4. Authenticating with the proxy server is easy, the core URLConnection class uses any Authenticator you specify.

JSSE doesn't use the Authenticator interface, and provides NO way to authenticate with an HTTPS proxy. I can't find any third-party libraries that do this at a reasonable, redistributable cost.

At this point, I have three possible solutions, in increasing amounts of work and likelihood of eventual success:
1) Try opening an HTTP URL connection, for no good reason. Hopefully, the SocketFactory and Proxy Server will remember the authentication.
2) Upgrade the entire project to JDK 1.4, and hope for better integration.
3) Hand-code proxy authentication for myself, and release it unto the world as an open-source library for other people that run into this headache.