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15 May 2003 @ 02:26 pm
Matrix this morning (no spoilers)  
Well, I showed up an hour early for the 10:15 matinee showing. That put me down the block, at the corner of 4th and Blanchard, but we still got viable seats. I think lithera is right about getting somebody down there 8ish tonight.

Saw the preview for Terminator 3 (no Freddy vs. Jason), and it looked pretty good. Also liked the trailer for Last Samurai, even though there was some laughing in the theater. Each time I see the previews for Hulk and LXG (sorry, the League), they look a little bit worse. Maybe I should just skip those two...

Most of the first half felt like the middle part of Dune, after Paul has become Muad'Dib, leader of the Fremen religious fanatics, but before he has led the final assault on the Harkonnen forces. For a while I was playing with an idea of mapping the trilogy directly to Pauls transition from punk-ass twerp to messiah to god-emporer, but that broke down about halfway through the movie when it took some unexpected turns. It was nice to see some of my theories confirmed, and I really like the expanded cosmology.

It will be worth seeing again tonight.