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28 March 2003 @ 09:42 pm
London Vacation Day 2 : Return of the Luggage  
The morning after our ... interesting ... TripToLondon, we went to Picadilly Square to pick up our London Passes, then wandered over to Trafalgar Square. We were still in our clothes from the previous day, and starting to feel a bit snarky. There were hardly any pigeons lurking in Trafalgar square, since there was a man there with a hawk of some sort. Kat and I tossed tuppences into the pond, and Holly tossed in a 0.05-Euro coin. Of course, a duck ate Holly's coin. It would just figure if she managed to accidentally kill a duck.

We took the tube down to Waterloo, and took a ride on the Eye of London, on capsule ["25"]. While up near the top, we saw several yellow-coated security guards managing large crowds of people at parliament square, so we made a mental note not to go there today.

We found the Namco station, and our London passes gave us each six tokens there. They had a VR swordfighting game, which would have been a LOT cooler if the cord tying the sword in place was actually long enough to let you parry.

Then we wandered into the alley behind the aquarium for lunch at f''ish''! Fun restaraunt, lots of personality. I can see why Kat brought us back there. Even if I never particularly want to eat "mushy peas" again. Then we went back to our hostel, in the faint hopes that our luggage would arrive before 4:30, when we had made plans to meet up with Kyna. While we waited, I decided to go ahead and take a shower, even though I didn't have towel or soap or shampoo ... even the rinse felt good. Still no luggage when we went to meet Kyna, and we were all acting snarky. A small protest was starting right in front of her school, and all of us managed to be bitchy in the first hundred seconds after we met upp with Kyna. Kris suggested we should go over to Kyna's to relax and wash up, and that's what we ended up doing.

A few showers later, we wandered down to the pub to "relax". This pub had remarkable good cider -- Samuel Smith's -- and a very comfy atmosphere. Too bad the grub was so pathetic. There was "chips", or "nachips" (chips with salsa that was almost marinara, covered with some melted cheese). After a while there, we got sucked into a game of pub trivia, and ended up giving some pathetic-silly answers. I hope our answers were amusing for somebody.

Kyna didn't have enough food to go with her drink; still feel kind of bad about that. Holly and I ended up getting the drunkest, we had a very random conversation over the next few hours that I really enjoyed. Unfortunately, I have almost NO idea what we talked about. Still, it was good friendship-bonding.

Fortunately, our luggage was there when we finally stumbled back to the hostel.

I've still never had a hangover.
From the London Vacation with lithera, sharkcowsheep, and pullthestars