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27 March 2003 @ 01:00 pm
London Vacation, Day 1: The Trip to london  
The plane was delayed. At first, it was delayed two hours. Then, it was delayed three hours. After that, it was just marked as "delayed". After we baught ourselves lunch, the airlines gave us coupons for lunch.

In a fit of benevolent synchronicity, we ran into Evanescence. Amy was sitting RIGHT next to the garbage can where we threw away our lunches. Kat says that this is Very Clear evidence that our (referring to Holly and Myself) patron deity is involved.

Now the flight has been kind-of-sort-of cancelled. Instead of flying out at 12:30, we will be flying out at 9:00 tonight. For a given definition of "will be".

We tried calling the hostel to let them know that we would be late, but we didn't have a number for the hostel. We called Marci, who found one for us; it was somebody's personal voicemail. Then, she found three more for us.

1. Was another personal voicemail.
2. Was somebody in London who answered the phone at 4 AM. GMT. In another odd synchroncity, he knew of the Camden Hostel, and was able to give us the correct number.
3. Was the correct number, as provided by the nice gent we had just talked to.

Of course, we will be missing our flight from Amsterdam to London. Maybe we will be on the 8 PM flight?

Holly danced to summon our plane. Kris is angry and panicking. Kat is withdrawing into what seems to be an enforced calm; almost as if she is trying to squish the chaos from the inside out. I'm clamping down on myself, repressing the laughter until the effort of holding it back is making me almost ill.

We did a sacrifice. We took drops of a minty-thing Holly had, then we shredded a magazine and Kat ripped up a bus schedule. A plane arrived IMMEDIATELY as we were cleaning up the pieces of paper. It wasn't our plane, but after we summoned it, the Northwest people decided to use this plane to replace the plane we should have used.

Kat told me to dance the Black Spiral, and tell her my name. Even something abominable as the essence of corruption and destruction would still be a Deep Reality upon which I could latch. It's not really that I don't believe in deep reality; I just axiomatically believe that we do not and can not understand it.

The flight to Amsterdam went very smoothly, even if it was cramped. I hadn't properly anticipated how cramped economy would feel for a trans-atlantic flight, but I was quite amused that our arrival time was 17:23. We killed some time in Amsterdam, and I received some amazingly helpful tech-support SMS messages.

Our flight out of Amsterdam was delayed (of course). Customs in London was REMARKABLY easy, since our luggage didn't make it to London. We still don't know what happened to it; maybe it went to Kiev.

The tube was delayed, of course. First, smoke was rising from the rails. Second, somebody decided to cut his own face with a broken bottle (at least, that was the driver's story). Finally, somebody pulled the emergency lever in car 5. At least it gave us some time to admire the full moon.

Once we made our way to the Eusten tube station, we walked the wrong way until we finally asked for discussions. Once we found the right direction, we actually walked past the next tube station after Eusten (Camden Town Station) before we found our hostel. Of course, the Hostel could only find half of our reservation at first, but that was easily remedied.

After we checked in, Kat went back to find Kyna and we went to look for food. The first pub we checked didn't server food, but the bartender told us "There's a dirty chicken shop up the road." We found an "American style fried chicken and ribs" store, which may be what he referrred to, but we decided to get curry instead. Met up with Kyna, and visited into the evening. Thus, finally making a good start for our visit to London.

March 19-20, 2003 From the LondonVacation with pullthestars, lithera, and sharkcowsheep. TripToLondon