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15 February 2003 @ 03:41 am
lithera told me that people who like comic books would like it, and people that don't would hate it.

Don't get me wrong, there are some comic books and comic-book derived things I enjoy. Sandman, Elfquest, Fray, and the Books of Magic. The first two batman movies were OK, as was Spider Man, and I enjoyed the X-Men movie. I like Batman Beyond, even if I thought the explanation in "Return of the Joker" was almost unforgivable cheese. I like Buffy and Angel, which I suppose are stylistically similar to comic book stuff.

Not only are these internally consistent well-developed worlds, but each major divergence from our world had in-story reasons. There are core facts central to the setting and story; once those are swallowed, additional cheese is at a minimum. I especially hate "menagerie" settings (like most superhero groups) where each character has a unique and unusual origin; to me, this means each character is a separate block of cheese that has to be swallowed, making the whole unpalatable.

My first and biggest problem with Daredevil was the over-the-top stunts. I could have swallowed combat scenes up to and including the "Charlie's Angels" level of cheese, and much of the actual combat in Daredevil was OK. I was just taken out of the movie by the impossible jumps and stupid kinetic changes (such as dropping twenty stories to be suddenly stopped by a line to a grappling hook) that would obviously rip a human body apart. Daredevil pulled this kind of shit a lot more than Spider man, which is interesting since I find it a lot more plausible for Spider Man; he actually has increased strength and constitution in-story, unlike Daredevil who only has some enhanced senses and a freaky echolocation. Also, webbing demonstrated a lot more give than rope, so Spider-Man's kinetic changes would be drastically softened.

Second, I was just annoyed by Bullseye. He's so corny-evil that every moment of screen time he had just annoyed me. I would have much rather seen the Kingpin have more screentime and accomplish far more with mere human henchmen.

Finally, I just didn't see Daredevil/Murdock as a sympathetic character. Spidey had a surprising amount of resonance, but Daredevil was just a vengeful holier-than-thou murderer who eventually tries to prove to himself that he's not the bad guy. Finally, we have a character other than batman who makes the stuperhero costume plausible: this psycho is something of a glory hound. Unlike Batman, who uses intimidation and his reputation as tools, Daredevil seems to simply get off on the attention. This explains the gasoline double-d, the logo on his outfit, the fact that he uses the same grappling cane (with a custom crest!) both in and out of costume, his very public fight with electra, his grandstanding before attacking that rapist, his choice of a VERY public bar to start the attack, his smugness after the Kingpin discovered his identity, and his posturing by that reporter's apartment. This man doesn't use his costume as a disguise, he uses it to feed his glory.

lithera says she's never taking me to comic book movies again, but I'm looking forward to X2.
Turning the Schmaltz up to 11: fightpullthestars on February 15th, 2003 10:54 am (UTC)
next time, she'll just get to sit by us :)
Jim: fueganwarpdragon on February 16th, 2003 08:08 pm (UTC)
You forgot the part about the movie taking way too long for what was a half-hour of story, tops.