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20 January 2003 @ 04:43 pm
I've told a few of you about this lovely-silly bit of SLA Industries cannon. I found a "catalogue" with many sketches of doophries here.

For the uninitiated:
"Biogenetic Karma pets, about 6" high, they are made out of leftover Vevaphon material and forced into permanent shapes, then programmed accordingly. You can buy lots of different generic human doobries, ebon doobries, wraith doobries, &c &c; also celebrity doobries like HJ, Mr. Slayer, Delia, and so on. They look like little dumpy manga cartoon versions of the thing or person in question. They're semi-intelligent, will show affection and interest, they'll tidy up rubbish and dust the place for you, pretend to be the thing they look like -- little BW doobries will pretend to formulate, for example -- and generally be cute and irrelevant. Once a month or so, they'll find a copy of the Karma Doobrie catalogue that comes with each one, flick through it, pick an item on the accessories list -- everything from handbags to trampolines and climbing kits -- and then let you know about it and sulk horribly until you buy it for them. The celebrity ones act in accordance with their namesake's personality; the HJ doobrie has a little working chainaxe and will murder its way through the rest of your doobries. The Slayer one (which is a foot tall) will organise all the others into little work gangs and get them to build him a pyramid of whatever bits and pieces are lying around, then sit on top of it glowering out at them and making them work more efficiently. They range from about 25c for a basic 'generic human' doobrie up to tens of thousands of creds for a rare, special limited edition model on the collector's market. Like Stormers, doobries do not age and regenerate minor scratches and cuts."