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27 September 2002 @ 09:07 am
Thought for today  
System X:
  X1: Anyone who does not believe System X will burn in hell.
  X2: It is your duty to save others from suffering.
If you believed in System X, you would attempt to save others from hell by convincing them that System X is true. Thus System X has an implicit 'hook' that follows from its two explicit sentances, and so System X is a self-replicating idea system. Without being impious, one may suggest that this mechanism has played some small role in the spread of Christianity.

-Donald R. Going
Supreme Master Chief Road WarriorPoet Taffin, M.D.: psychographtaffin on September 29th, 2002 10:10 am (UTC)

religion as virulent disease. couldn't have said it better myself.