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30 August 2002 @ 11:22 am
I stayed up WAY too late reading Buffy last night.  
It really is a fun read for Buffy fans, even if you aren't heavily into RPGs (yet). I did notice some interesting dtails.
  1. "Slayer" is a 16-point Quality. "White Hat" characters start with 10 points of Qualities, and "Heroes" start with 20. Since you can get additional Quality points from buying Drawbacks, that means you CAN create a White Hat Slayer (although she would be SEVERELY flawed in other ways).
  2. I liked the way they handled mosters/villains/NPCs, just giving them stats assuming a die roll of 6 instead of implementing them with the full complexity of PCs is going to make things a lot easier for the Director.
  3. There's an optional rule in the Magic section which would make ANY spell effectively one-shot. Once you've tried to cast a particular spell, that exact same spell cannot be cast by you again. This would have some decidedly interesting consequences.
  4. Heroes get higher attributes, and more quality points; White Hats get more skills and more Drama Points. This will make an interesting balance.
  5. Drama Points are a lot more flexible than Force Points. You can use them to shrug off wounds, accomplish heric feats, kick but in one fight, call for deus ex machina, or even have your character come back from the dead. White Hats start with twice as many Drama Points, and buying new Drama Points from XP is twice as expensive for heroes.
  6. The combat system looks really cool, with lots of techniques (flying kick, grapple, go for the heart). While the core combat system is pretty simple, the complex parts will take a couple sessions for most people to get comfortable with.
"probably next month sometime..." YAY!
phoenixfyre on August 30th, 2002 11:53 am (UTC)
Luckily, you won't have to worry about the Slayer stuff since there isn't a Slayer in my game. ;P